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What is a Precinct Committeeman (PC)?

This brief outline below of the responsibilities of a PC is designed to provide you with information about the important office of Precinct Committeeman.  The following will answer questions such as:

  1. How do I become a PC?

  2. What are the responsibilities of being a Precinct Committeeman?

  3. How much work is involved?

Elected Precinct Committeemen are elected to a two-year term in each even year primary election.

In order to run for election to the post of precinct committeeman, you must circulate a petition and obtain at least 25 valid signatures from eligible electors in your home precinct.  If elected, you will serve a two-year term.  Vacancies may also be filled by appointment by the County Chair.

If elected you will represent the Republican Party in your precinct at the biennial County Convention to elect the County Party's Chair and Executive Officers.  You will be casting a weighted vote based on the number of Republican ballots cast in your precinct in the most recent primary election.


  • Attend Carroll County Republican Central Committee meetings as available

  • Circulate petitions for candidates 

  • Canvass (walk, call, mail or email) your precinct in support of Republican candidates

  • Assist with the recruitment of candidates, donors, volunteers, and PCs for the Party

  • Become an advocate and resource for voters in your precinct as they seek information/services from their local government

  • Support the local Party's fundraising events/initiatives in support of local candidates

How much work is it?


Local Precinct Committeemen give time to Party activities and meetings.

During the last few months before an election, many Committeemen will work more hours, but there is no minimum requirement.

We expect only what you can give.  Ideally a Committeeman would make contact with their home precinct at least once over a three month period during campaign season (even numbered years).

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