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Elected Officials



State Elected Officials

State Representative Tony McCombie - 89th District

State Senator Andrew Chesney - 45th District

Carroll County Elected Officials

Sheriff Ryan Kloepping 

State's Attorney Aaron Kaney

Circuit Clerk Patty Hiher

County Clerk & Recorder Amy Buss

County Treasurer Lydia Hutchcraft

County Coroner Matthew Jones

Regional Superintendent of Schools Aaron Mercier

Carroll County County Board

        Carroll County Board District Map

Joe Payette, Chair

William Iske, Vice Chair


David Soldat (R)  - District 1 (appointed)

Susan Jacobs (R) - District 1

Chris Flikkema (R) - District 1

Ron Preston (D) - District 2

Julie Bickelhaupt - District 2   (appointed)

Jamie Rieck - District 2   (appointed)

William Iske (R) - District 3

Joseph Payette (R) - District 3

Keith Vandermyde (R) - District 3


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