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Our Mission


To promote a conservative philosophy of government:

  • By promoting conservative principles;

  • By providing the political structure through which those who share our conservative principles can get involved in the political process,  run for  and be elected to political office, and govern according to our conservative principles when elected.

What Republicans Believe

  • Limited government

  • Freedom

  • Rugged Individualism

  • Strong families

  • Opportunity for all

  • Personal Responsibility

  • Quality Education

Becoming a Republican

Illinois does not have a formal registration by political party.  A voter becomes a Republican by voting in the Republican Primary


The Primary Process


Political parties hold a primary election in March of even numbered years.


Currently, only two parties hold primaries – the Republican Party and the Democrat Party.

In Illinois, registered voters may vote in either political party’s primary; however, a voter may vote in only one party’s primary in each election cycle.


Republican Primary voters elect the Republican candidates who will appear on the general election ballot and their Precinct Committeemen.. Thus, primary voters have a greater influence on the final outcome of the general election than those who only vote in the general election.


Those who vote in the Republican primary election (either in person or by mail) can then attend the  Republican Party convention held that year.

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